12pcs/Set Professional Makeup Brushes Cosmetic Brush Kit Makeup Tool with Cup Leather Holder Case


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Specifications: * Item Name: 12pcs Professional Makeup Brush Set with Cup  * Brand Name: 100% Brand New * Bristle material: Wool& Nylon hair& Synthetic hair * Handle material: Wood & Aluminum  * Cup holder material: PVC * Colors: Multicolor * Size of Cup: 18*7cm Package Included: 12 Pcs of Makeup Brushes, including: 1 Powder Brush, 1 Foundation Brush, 1 Large Flat Eye Shadow Brush, 1 Small Flat Eye Shadow Brush,  1 Lip Brush, 1 Lid Lip,  1 Eye Liner Brush, 1 Large Blush Brush,  1 Small Blush Brush,  1 Oblique Head Contour Brush,  1 Oblique Head Eye Shadow Brush, 1 Large Blooming Brush